November 7, 2008

Very exciting

So here we are, heading towards the fag end of the year and we’re back into that constant dreary weather again when, if it’s stopped raining, it must be just about to start again. The last week or so has been very dull and soggy with very few bright spots – not microlight weather at all.

And while we’ve had downpour after downpour, poor old MYRO, the AX3 that I started on, has been left out in the open. Not totally out in the open mind – its wings have been under cover hanging on the wall of a hangar but its fuselage and tailplane have been standing outside with a tarpaulin over, on a small trailer. Its engine and a few other bits and pieces have been moved over to MZEL, the new aircraft, and it’s now out of check, of course, but just as was MZEL before, MYRO would soon be flyable again with those parts replaced.

I spoke to Rosie a few weeks ago about the possibility of buying MYRO off her but at that time we left things hanging. But I know we’ve both been thinking that MYRO mustn’t be left out in this kind of weather for too much longer, even with a tarp over, as the tail section is still uncovered and water will start to get in and have its effects in vital areas.

Well, we spoke a bit earlier today and MYRO came up in the conversation. And I’ve now definitely decided to buy it. It’s very exciting and it takes me back 30 years to when I decided to buy G-ARIK, the Tri-Pacer I used to own.




The circumstances are amazingly similar. Now as then I’m stll in the middle of getting my Licence and now as then the aircraft is out of check and was left out in the weather. Getting the Tri-Pacer airworthy was a much bigger job, though, as it had been left out in the open during the winter of 1976/77 which is still one of the worst in living memory with enormous amounts of snow and ice and very low temperatures. And it had to get through the much more stringent Certificate of Airworthiness as compared to the microlight’s Permit to Fly.

I’m very excited. MYRO needs to be moved under cover ASAP really. I hope it will fit into my garage so I’ve got to get that clear of all the junk that’s filling it up at the moment and then it can be brought home. It leaves me with a double problem, of course. I’ve still got to finish off Our Trike that’s in the workshop at Ken’s as well as do what’s needed on MYRO. But so what! Sometimes you just have to decide to do what you know you must 😉