Well almost…

Yesterday was completely out for the re-weighing because of the weather – rain, rain and more rain – but it gave me the chance to get down to the field and pump the fuel out of the tanks using the electric pump. Almost all of the fuel in the main tank came out but I noticed that about 3 inches of fuel still remained in the other. When I got home I weighed what I’d got out and it seemed to only come out to about 4 kg. This seemed to indicate that there was still quite a bit left in and I decided I’d try to get to the field before Tim, the Inspector, and take the second tank and the fuel it contained right out to get the best weight possible for MYRO.

In the event, my plan was overtaken by events as I got a call from Tim just before 8.00am to tell me that he was already at the field and ready to go! We hadn’t managed to speak yesterday evening because Tim apparently had had car problems and I’d left a message saying that I’d be at the field anyway and if he could make it, I’d see him there. But his call came as a total surprise 😯

By the time I’d sorted out the dog and got there myself it was just after 9.00am and to my surprise, delight and I must say, relief, Tim said that he’d re-done the weighing already by levelling MYRO where it stood and that everything was now fine, both at the current weight with the single tank and at the new calculated weight with the second in place too. This was the best news I could possibly have received and I was so relieved that removing the weight represented by the excess fuel and carefully levelling MYRO before doing the weighing had done the trick. This means that with the two tanks when the mod for the second has been approved, I’ll be able to fly MYRO solo over quite reasonable distances without keep having to stop to refuel, which is what I’ve been hoping for all along 😉

The rest of the time was spent carefully sorting out MYRO’s paperwork for submission to the BMAA for the Permit to Fly. Nowadays you have to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed because otherwise the papers come back again and you waste time. Tim was a massive help because of his experience and attention to detail. He has really put himself out with this one and I’m so grateful for all of his considerable efforts because without his help and experience I doubt very much if it would have been possible to achieve the result that we have now succeeded in doing.

So the papers can now go off tomorrow but before I send them I’ll ask the Tech Office how long it will take for the Tank Mod to be approved. If it will only be a few days, I might as well get it done at the same time because Tim now has all the data we need. If it will take weeks as Tim thinks, then it’ll be better to do the mod separately after MYRO has been permitted and is flying. But in any event, once the TO have received the paperwork and has let me know that it’s OK and will be processed, then I’ll be able to go ahead and arrange with Rosie for a check flight.

So finally I’m almost there, but still not quite. But I now feel that I’m on a downhill run rather than still struggling up the mountain and that the end really is now coming into view. 🙂

2 thoughts on “And finally…

  1. Ha ha. There’s a bit more to it Tony – it should have been possible because there’s a Series Mod for twin tanks already in existence but there’s an added complication that I’ll tell you about when I see you. Can’t really post the details in public 😉

    Anyway, I don’t mind waiting as I’ve no plans for any long flights right now – I’ll just be glad to be back in the air again! Papers have gone off to Tech Office and as soon as I get the nod, Rosie’s standing by to do a check flight. Then it really will be all systems go. It’s been a long few weeks – you were absolutely right about the work involved in getting it through inspection and permit 😯

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